TATA MOTORS Inspiraksi is a community outreach program that strives to bring People-inspired solutions to life. It brings together inspiration and action to enhance life of Indonesians.

Launched in 2013, the ‘TATA Motors Inspiraksi’ initiative aims to implement solutions in the field of education, health, sanitation, transportation and other people-oriented needs generated through social media interactions on TATA Motors – INSPIRAKSI Facebook page. Inspiraksi also goes a step further by identifying community leaders who are an inspiration for community service and also select communities that are in need for empowerment and solutions.

Recently, TATA Motors, under the umbrella of Inspiraksi started a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program themed Pintar Bersama TATA (PBT). The program has provided free technical training to over 1000 mechanics of general garages across Indonesia to assist and help TATA Motors customer

TATA Motors Inspiraksi also supports the government in the field of human resource development by providing technical education about the fuel efficient TATA Motors engine. In line with the initiative, TATA Motors Indonesia has donated vehicles to selected Universities (i.e: Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Institut Teknologi Bandung), Vocational Senior High Schools (SMK) and to The Center for Development of Overseas Training (BBPLKLN) Cevest in Bekasi

Since its launch, TATA MOTORS INSPIRAKSI has catered to many community initiatives and tirelessly worked with community leaders to move hearts and hands.