Giving Inspiration, Tata Motors held a Logistics Business Talkshow in the Digital Economy Era

Jakarta, 12 August 2017 – PT Tata Motors Distribusi Indonesia (TMDI), the Brand Licensee Agent of Tata Motors in Indonesia, does not only sell motor vehicles and after-sales service, but it also feels the need to provide enlightenment for beginners to start a business.

“Logistics and distribution sector keep continue to grow, as long as people are still consuming. Moreover, the more the economy grows, the greater the demand for the service sector,” said President Director of JNE Express, Mohamad Feriadi, who was the keynote speaker at Tata Motors booth at GIIAS 2017, ICE Serpong, Tangerang, on Saturday (12/7).

Currently, he added, the market value of logistics industry in this country has reached Rp 2.100 trillion. While the growth in this year is reached 14.7 percent. “The potential for continued growth is very large, because now e-commerce sector or digital economy is also growing,” he explained.

But, the challenge in this digital economy is also greater. Because the speed and accuracy of consignment of consumer goods is challenging. The challenge of fellow players in the industry is also tremendous. Each company continues to compete in providing the best service.

In fact, this step also requires a budget or investment.
“Therefore, because the portion is the largest in the production cost structure, then a vehicle must be efficient. Therefore, choosing a vehicle with more capacity, fuel saving, and cheap maintenance cost become the key to success,” explained the man who also served as Chairman of the Association of Express Shipping Companies and Pos Indonesia (Aperindo).

This statement is approved by PT TMDI Marketing Manager, Wilda Bachtiar. In fact continued Wilda, since the beginning, Tata Motors has designed a homemade commercial vehicle that have the quality and capabilities that is expected by businessmen.

“If we looked at all Tata Motors vehicles for business sector, they use diesel-powered engine. Because apart from its strength, it’s also efficient in fuel cost, as well as maintenance. The cost saving is between 8-10 percent,” he explained at the same place.

In fact, continued Wilda, the after-sales service provided by TMDI also continues to be developed. Currently, there are no less than 300 sales service outlets ranging from 1S to 3S. Even the provision of spare parts are also provided via online market.

While the Corporate Communication Head of TMDI, Kiki Fajar said the event was initiated by TMDI to provide input and as business inspiration for prospective businessmen and current businessmen. “Because the dynamic of this business is super fast, so it must be responded quickly too,” he concluded.

About Tata Motors:
Tata Motors Limited, a USD 42 billion organization, is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, buses, trucks, and defense vehicles. As India’s largest automobile company and part of the USD 100 billion Tata group, Tata Motors has operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, and Indonesia through a strong global network of 76 subsidiary and associate companies, including Jaguar & Land Rover in the UK and Tata Daewoo in South Korea. In India, Tata Motors has an industrial joint venture with Fiat. Engaged in engineering and automotive solutions, with a focus on future-readiness and a pipeline of tech-enabled products, Tata Motors is India’s market leader in commercial vehicles and among the top in passenger vehicles with 9 million vehicles on Indian roads.

The company’s innovation efforts are focused on developing auto technologies that are sustainable as well as suited. With design and R&D centers located in India, the UK, Italy, and Korea, Tata Motors strives to pioneer new products that fire the imagination of GenNext customers. Abroad, Tata Motors cars, buses, and trucks are being marketed in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia, South America, Australia, CIS, and Russia.

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Corporate Communications Head
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